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Social Driven IT marks the pinnacle of your Social IT Maturity evolution

Achieving level three in the social IT maturity model—Social Embedding is no small task.  By the time you reach Level 3, you’ve managed to create a social object model for your IT organization and introduce a social knowledge management system that enables you to embed social collaboration functionality into IT operations to dramatically improve your process efficiency.

To move to the highest level of social IT maturity, Level 4 – Social Driven, means that your IT organization must become even more adept at leveraging social collaboration, and be able to benchmark your IT process KPIs against that of other organizations.  At this final stage of social IT maturity, you should be striving to outperform any organization that is not leveraging social collaboration principles, and you should be performing at or above the level of those peer organizations that have also adopted social collaboration principles.

At maturity Level 4, you will have established a self-sustaining community that is actively leveraging the social knowledge management system as part of its day-to-day work.  And you’ll be measuring value in terms of behavioral change in your organization. Metcalf’s law applies directly to social collaboration: The “network effect” increases the value of the social knowledge management system exponentially as you add users to the community.

By now you should be anxious to learn much more about the Social IT Maturity model.  Download the free white paper  to get an in-depth look each of the four maturity levels and gain insights into how social IT can evolve in your organization.

Then take the next step to assess your own Social IT Maturity level by taking a short survey online.  You will get an immediate assessment of where you’re at in your Social IT journey.

Finally, be sure to register for one of our free webinars in December and January co-sponsored by Pink Elephant to get an explanation of how the Social IT Maturity model works.  You’ll also see a demonstration of our ITinvolve for Service Management solution that is transforming the way IT professionals are leveraging social IT to manage changes, resolve incidents and problems and collaborate to make better decisions.  The journey to Social IT maturity will deliver the next big breakthrough in IT performance and productivity—we invite you to join us in leading the way.

Matthew Selheimer
Vice President of Marketing

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