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Social Embedding is key to improving IT performance at Level 3 in your Social IT Maturity evolution

After discussing levels one and two of the Social IT Maturity model in my previous blogs, I want to explain the next level of maturity – Level 3: Social Embedding.   Moving beyond Social Exploration and Social Add-ons (Levels 1 and 2) to Social Embedding (Level 3) requires establishing relevant context for social collaboration activities through three specific actions:

  1. The creation of a social object model
  2. The construction of a social knowledge management system that is both role-based and user-specific
  3. The enhancement of established IT processes with social collaboration functionality to improve process efficiency

Your goal at Level 3 maturity is to leverage social embedding to measurably improve IT key performance indicators (KPIs) such as mean-time-to-restore (MTTR) service or change success rate. You should select KPIs that are most meaningful to your organization; KPIs that you have already baselined and can use to track your progress in achieving social IT maturity. While the value of Level 2 maturity can be significant in improving the perception of IT’s responsiveness to users, Level 3 social IT maturity is where you can gain big breakthroughs in IT efficiency and quantifiable business value.

A Word of Caution:  When embedding social IT into your operations, be sure you are targeting and engaging specific audiences. Some vendors offer a Facebook-like wall in addition to the ability to push updates out via Twitter or RSS. In addition to the exposure risk discussed in my last blog, this type of “shotgun” approach to social IT can create a tremendous amount of noise, which will make it difficult for both business users and IT to identify useful information in the feed or on the wall.

You can learn more about the Social IT Maturity model by downloading the free white paper. It explains each of the four maturity levels and offers insights into how social IT should evolve in your organization.

You can also register for one of our free webinars co-sponsored by Pink Elephant to get a demonstration of how the Social IT Maturity model works—including a Level 3 social knowledge management system.

If you’re sufficiently intrigued, you can also assess your own Social IT Maturity level by taking a short survey online that will give you an immediate benchmark of where you’re at in your social IT journey.  Coming next:  Level 4 – Social Driven IT.

Matthew Selheimer
Vice President of Marketing

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