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The industry’s first Social IT Index is coming soon!

A few months ago, ITinvolve launched a free 10 minute online assessment of Social IT maturity.  We’ve had a very strong response to this anonymous assessment and will soon be announcing a series of findings based on the responses from well over 250 IT professionals’ experiences with researching and adopting Social IT capabilities.

As a quick refresher, the Social IT Maturity Model defines four levels of maturity.

  • Level 1 – Social Exploration (where IT begins to ask questions about how Social IT can improve service support and delivery, including developing a formal plan with quantified benefits)
  • Level 2 – Social Add-ons (where Social IT capabilities are added onto existing IT management processes and practices)
  • Level 3 – Social Embedding (where traditional IT management processes and practices are re-tuned to incorporate social knowledge and collaboration practices)
  • Level 4 – Social Driven (where the IT organization now has a self-sustaining social community contributing new knowledge through crowd-sourcing and peer review, has put in place rewards and recognition for Social IT activities, and is using Social IT to drive continual service improvement)

If you haven’t had a chance to read the whitepaper, How to Benchmark Your Social IT Maturity?, be sure to read it now as it explains each of these Levels in more detail and their benefits.

We’re still crunching the numbers, but the index results will likely surprise many of you.  Here’s a teaser… More respondents have implemented at least one Level 2 Social IT Add-on than have developed a formal plan for Social IT with defined benefits according to what’s recommended at Level  1.  As with most innovations, a lot of us might want to “leap before we look” but that can be a recipe for serious questions about return on effort from leadership.  We’ll take this point head on in our analysis of the survey responses along with sharing many other exciting observations about the state of Social IT research and adoption in our industry.  Stay tuned for more.

Matt Selheimer
VP, Marketing

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