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2012 – What a year for ITinvolve and Social IT!

By all accounts, this has been an amazing year for ITinvolve and social IT collaboration.

First, we delivered three product releases that are changing the IT Management industry. In late February, we introduced ITinvolve for Social Knowledge Management, moving the industry beyond traditional CMDBs and knowledge articles with the innovation of social knowledge objects, role and user-based perspectives, active knowledge delivery, and in-context collaboration. In May, we expanded our offering by adding a fully-capable Change Management application that is built on our Social Knowledge Management foundation and delivers new innovations for change risk assessment weigh-in, impact factors, virtual Change Advisory Boards, and more. Then, in September, we released our biggest solution yet with ITinvolve for Service Management, which brings full Service Desk, Incident, Request, and Problem Management into the social IT collaboration era with new innovations for collaborative incident triage, virtual channels, and more.

These social IT innovations go beyond mere bolt-on capabilities like tweeting IT service status or a singular new feed. Be sure to check out the thought leadership whitepaper, What is your Social IT Maturity?, that we delivered this Fall. In this paper, we propose a four-level model for Social IT maturity and put the bolt-on capabilities in context with respect to their limited value and risks, and explain how the real breakthroughs from social IT will come from in-context, embedded social collaboration with a trusted, peer reviewed social knowledge management system underpinning it. We also released the industry’s first Social IT Maturity Assessment tool allowing you to benchmark your current social IT maturity in just 10 minutes and get practical advice on how to move to the next step in your social IT journey.

Second, 2012 was our first year to sign up customers, an outstanding group of companies and IT organizations from industries as diverse as government, manufacturing, hospitality, legal and financial services, education, and software. Each of these companies is harnessing the power of the collective knowledge of their teams and fostering new levels of collaboration to drive improvements in IT performance metrics such as mean-time-to-restore-service (MTRS), change success rate, and incident resolution time. What’s more, each of these organizations is demonstrating leadership in their respective industry by moving beyond traditional IT process management with social IT collaboration.

Third, the innovations ITinvolve delivered this year have not gone unnoticed by industry analysts and thought leaders alike. Check out these reports by Enterprise Management Associates, IDC, and Ovum Research as well as these recent news articles on APM Digest and ITSM Review.

Finally, this year was a great year for ITinvolve’s employee base as we grew from the initial founding team to a full-fledged company with experienced team members focused on all aspects of our business from R&D to marketing, sales, professional services, and more.  We also demonstrated at itSMF/HDI Fusion 2012 that IT management doesn’t need to be stuffy or stodgy, and that IT people like to do business with those who are both seriously committed to what they do and also enjoy doing it!

As we look back at 2012, it truly was a great year for ITinvolve and Social IT! If you’re already an ITinvolve customer, thank you for your business and for putting your confidence in us. And if you aren’t a customer yet, we look forward to showing you how social IT collaboration is the next big breakthrough in IT management.

Matthew Selheimer
Vice President, Marketing

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