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Don’t let hard earned IT knowledge walk out the door.

How many times have you faced a situation where you’ve lost a key IT team member to an internal transfer or they leave the company and sorely miss their expertise in a crisis? Which brings us to reason number four in our series on why Social IT is essential to the success of IT operations: SocialIT offers the best way to preserve critical knowledge when staff moves on.

That’s because Social IT knowledge management solutions can guarantee an environment where knowledge is not only shared but retained and augmented over time. So, when one of your employees transfers or leaves, their battle-tested know-how can be passed on to others within the organization, ensuring that precious knowledge captured over the course of their employment is preserved and available to team members.

As social collaboration solutions take their rightful place in IT operations, IT executives and managers will no longer have to accept losing valuable knowledge when an employee leaves the company. Instead, the hard earned lessons of yesterday do not have to be re-learned tomorrow and IT productivity and effectiveness can be maintained.

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Logan Wray, CEO

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