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SocialIT offers a competitive advantage you can’t ignore

Of the all the reasons cited so far in this series of why Social IT is essential to IT operations, number five may be the most compelling:  You need Social IT to fully leverage and exploit IT for competitive advantage

If your business growth and competitive success requires faster delivery of new services to customers, better performance and availability of those services, and an efficient use of capital and human resources, Social IT offers a powerful solution to help get you there.  Social collaboration methods and practices have become critical to providing this kind of competitive advantage:

  • Social IT offers a more effective and efficient means to manage the IT environment as professionals collaborate across technology and process silos.
  • Social IT creates an environment where IT professionals can excel and innovate based on methodologies they understand and use on a daily basis in the workplace.
  • Social IT delivers management efficiencies that change the current cost paradigm, enabling IT operations to re-allocate resources to more valuable, strategic initiatives.
  • Social IT provides the means to retain and access expert collective knowledge so it can be utilized again and again.

IT organizations today have to do more than just acknowledge the new world of social media and collaboration.  They have to embrace it.  You can learn how by visiting our web site at and learn more by downloading the white paper “Five Reasons Why Social IT is Essential to Your IT Organization.”

Logan Wray, CEO

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