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Why Social IT is Essential – Reason # 1

A recent Gartner report talks about the nexus of four forces that are having a profound impact on IT these days: Social, Mobile, Cloud, and Information. At ITinvolve, we are convinced that the social force has enormous potential to impact IT operations and will be essential to delivering significant improvements in collaboration and productivity, which have been sought by so many IT leaders for years.  This next series of blogs will explore the five key reasons why we believe Social IT is essential to IT Ops.

The first reason Social IT is essential has to do with the way people capture and use the combined wisdom of a group to enable better decision-making and improve daily operations.  Capturing human knowledge is especially important for IT environments that have become more complex, more distributed, and often harder to understand. The key knowledge necessary for the successful management of the IT environment is often scattered, often not fully known, and frequently exists only in people’s heads. This raises the risk that errors or omissions can occur and makes the benefits of capturing and leveraging collective knowledge quite valuable.

Social IT offers a way to put collective knowledge to work by collecting it through a system of “social objects” and then promoting collaboration among IT professionals in the context of issues and problems they are assigned to or care about. From a service management perspective, a trusted source of knowledge about the IT environment – servers, applications, network devices, etc. and even incidents, changes, and problems themselves – combined with effective collaboration, has the potential to dramatically reduce risk and improve IT employee productivity. For example, understanding impacts of changes across the environment from a policy, people, business service, and virtual/physical relationship perspective combined with effective notification and approval processes, would substantially reduce the risks associated with making changes as well as improve change execution performance metrics.

Bottom line; Social IT is essential because it offers a more effective way for us to capture human knowledge and put it to work for ourselves and our businesses.  If you want to learn more, download our new white paper “Five Reasons Why Social IT is Essential to Your IT Organization.”


Logan Wray, CEO

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