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Why Social IT is Essential – Reason #2

Here is reason number two in our series on why Social IT is essential to the success of IT operations: Social collaboration is the norm for the new generation of workers—including IT professionals.

Social IT will increasingly serve as the currency for the new generation of IT professionals. The reasoning is simple; college graduates entering the workforce today have literally grown up in a socially enabled world. In hiring these more socially enabled workers, IT management will find these new team members will expect and eagerly embrace social tools for communication and collaboration in the workplace.

Not only will IT professionals be social media savvy, they will increasingly expect to have knowledge delivered to them automatically and in the context of their role in order to do their jobs and make decisions knowingly and without delay. The use of social media and technologies will only be reinforced as employers continue efforts to reduce costs associated with physical real estate, and more employees are located outside a headquarters building and “telecommute” to the office.

These trends in the work environment require solutions that can automatically deliver knowledge and enable collaboration in-context, instantaneously, anywhere at any time. Mobile access combined with off-site working arrangements will require that current processes take advantage of new communication methods and information sources to enable workers to perform their daily duties more productively.

In summary, your IT teams and stakeholders already expect you to be social savvy.  It will be up to you to determine how best to meet and exceed those expectations.

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Logan Wray, CEO

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