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You are under tremendous pressure to execute changes faster while also minimizing (or even eliminating) risk.

As if this objective wasn’t challenging enough, IT complexity is increasing at a rapid pace. Making matters worse, you likely rely on scattered and tribal knowledge about your environments, which means critical information can be overlooked and critical stakeholders left out of your change management process. And that means far too many well-intentioned changes result in unintended consequences.

We believe that harnessing your people’s IT knowledge and combining it with visual analysis and collaboration is the key to avoiding unintended business impacts from changes and reducing unplanned work.

Visually Assess Risk
Visually Assess Risk
understand relationships and dependencies between requirements, applications, infrastructure, automations, policies, and people in real-time from any perspective
Review Relevant Impact Factors
Review Relevant Impact Factors
proactively provide decision makers with fragile settings and other critical impact information
Collaborate With Stakeholders
Collaborate With Stakeholders
engage the right experts to weigh in virtually and share their view of potential risks
Only ITinvolve brings together knowledge, analysis and collaboration in one solution to:

  • Visually assess change impact and risk across infrastructure, services, policies, and more
  • Identify and proactively engage all relevant stakeholders and experts
  • Automatically promote key settings, tribal knowledge, and other often overlooked information

With ITinvolve, you will:

  • Execute changes faster
  • Identify and minimize business risk
  • Increase change throughput
  • Reduce unplanned work from IT changes
  • Improve IT performance, reliability, and security
  • Increase change success rate
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“Having a solution that proactively engages the right experts and self-documents activities makes it easier and faster to get everyone onboard so we can make better-informed decisions.”

Dave Colesante,
SVP Product Development & CTO

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“We selected ITinvolve because it was the only company we found that has a unique, cloud-based solution to help us better manage our IT assets. ITinvolve is also going to help our IT staff improve the change management process, and help visualize and understand the potential risks associated with making IT changes.”

Melissa Kraft,
Systems Security Manager, City of Denton, Texas