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In today’s world, IT compliance issues directly impact customers, revenue, and reputation.

Growing IT complexity, including cloud services and 3rd party service providers, and a long-standing pattern of scattered and tribal knowledge about IT environments, is making it more and more difficult to understand which policies govern which resources.

The old method of compliance by audit, issue identification, and remediation is no longer valid. A new method, operational compliance, has emerged that puts IT compliance inline with operational activities.

We believe that harnessing your systems and people knowledge, and combining it with visual analysis and collaboration, is the key to understanding which policies govern your IT resources and enabling operational compliance.

Environment & Policy Visibility
100% Visibility Into Environments & Policies fully understand and make operations teams aware of policies
and dependencies
In-Context Collaboration
Collaborate In-Context
identify and engage the right experts to
asses compliance risk
Visual Analysis
Review Relevant Impact Factors
proactively provide IT staff with policy details and other critical compliance information
Only ITinvolve brings together knowledge, analysis, and collaboration in one solution to:

  • Easily and clearly understand and visualize the dependencies between policies, IT infrastructure, and applications
  • Identify and proactively engage the right stakeholders to assess risk
  • Integrate security events and other compliance-related data sources to provide unprecedented transparency and visibility

With ITinvolve, your IT teams have the information they need at their fingertips to:

  • Avoid compliance issues from IT changes
  • Ensure issue resolution takes policy impacts into account
  • Produce an ongoing, automated audit trail as part of daily operations
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“Having a solution that proactively engages the right experts and self-documents activities makes it easier and faster to get everyone onboard so we can make better-informed decisions.”

Dave Colesante,
SVP Product Development & CTO

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“We selected ITinvolve because it was the only company we found that has a unique, cloud-based solution to help us better manage our IT assets. ITinvolve is also going to help our IT staff improve the change management process, and help visualize and understand the potential risks associated with making IT changes.”

Melissa Kraft,
Systems Security Manager, City of Denton, Texas