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Automation has become a significant contributor to improving your IT efficiency and reliability.

Whether you’re using scripts, schedulers, or purpose-built automation tools, the ability to enforce standard configurations, move data where its needed, and execute manual tasks faster – it’s clear that IT automation here to stay.

But heavy use of automation brings its own challenges. In fact, just the act of defining automations embeds critical understanding that isn’t freely available to others without taking the time (and having the skillset) to introspect each automation.

  1. Do you have full visibility into all automations running across your environment – including what they do, where they run, when they run, and who wrote them?
  2. Are you able to quickly modify automations with a full understanding of the likely upstream and downstream impacts of the changes you are making?
  3. How do you avoid “property explosion” so your automations don’t become unwieldy?
  4. How do you ensure visibility into the settings that aren’t managed by automations or safely modify configurations and remove software that shouldn’t be running where you found it?
These are some of the challenges IT operations teams struggle with and ITinvolve helps you answer.

We give you comprehensive visibility into all of your automations and provide the analysis and collaboration capabilities you need to assess risk and make changes without impacting your business.

Visualize dependencies and drill into automation details