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If there’s one constant in IT today, it’s change. The pace of change that the business demands of IT is greater than it’s ever been, and the self-imposed changes from within IT for performance, reliability, security, and other reasons have never been greater as well.

With any change comes risk, and as our IT environments have become more and more complex, it’s ITSM_Best-in-Class_grayscalebecome increasingly difficult for any one individual to fully understand the potential risks associated with the changes they are working on.

In Our Experience

Many IT issues happen because someone in IT makes a well intentioned change without fully understanding the ripple effects.

We have seen a lot of different approaches to address these change impact challenges. Some organizations have attempted to implement CMDBs or discovery tools in order to better understand dependencies and relationships so they can predict the potential negative impacts of changes. Others have resorted to heavy process workflows and change advisory committees in an effort to ensure everyone has been given the opportunity to provide their input.

Unfortunately, changes are still the #1 contributor to IT issues.

Why CMDBs, Discovery Tools, and Change Boards Don’t Work

  • CMDBs and discovery tools don’t include all of your critical dependency information (they just handle configuration data)
  • CMDBs are often inaccurate and untrusted by the people who are supposed to use them
  • CMDB impact analysis and visualizations are hierarchical constraining risk analysis and missing potential risks
  • CMDBs don’t proactively identify relevant experts and require change planners to guess who to involve
  • Change Boards meet irregularly and often lack the risk assessments necessary to make decisions causing further delays

Alert Logic

“I’ve been using manual change management approaches and ITIL processes for twenty years and found ITinvolve’s approach to be fresh with an appealing SaaS model that helped us get up-and-running fast and cost effectively.”

– Dave Colesante,
SVP,Product Development & CTO

We can help.

ITinvolve is the industry’s first IT agility application. We provide IT professionals with the knowledge, analysis, and collaboration capabilities they need to assess change risks quickly and accurately.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. Deliver all critical dependency information in context of the change being planned (including policies, tribal knowledge, automations, key settings, and more – not just configuration data)
  2. Provide rich visualization of potential upstream and downstream impacts
  3. Proactively identify and engage the right experts to give their risk assessment – arming them with 100% of the information they need
  4. Streamline and virtualize approvals to accelerate change velocity
Visually Assess Risk
understand relationships and dependencies between requirements, applications, infrastructure, automations, policies, and people in real-time from any perspective
Visually Assess Risk
Review Relevant Impact Factors
Review Relevant Impact Factors – proactively provide decision makers with fragile settings and other critical impact information
Collaborate With Stakeholders – engage the right experts to weigh in virtually and share their view of potential risks
Collaborate With Stakeholders