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1. ITinvolve provides a single place for trusted, up-to-date knowledge about your environment, best practices, lessons learned, policies and more We import or federate your existing data and information (including CIs from your current CMDB) and combine this with a crowd sourcing and peer review approach to validate accuracy, fill in gaps, and correct out of date information. This validated and expanded knowledge can then be used to enrich and optimize your current CMDB to better enable the ITSM applications and processes that rely on it
2. ITinvolve provides unique, patent-pending Perspectives that enable your teams to view knowledge and CI information based on what they are responsible for or what is most important to them Perspectives provide greater access to knowledge and CI information for staff to do their jobs more effectively and also automatically filter out what isn’t relevant to them. By placing objects into their Perspectives, your team is automatically brought into collaborations for scenarios related to the objects they care about
3. ITinvolve delivers knowledge to your teams in the context of their day-to-day work, which makes them more productive and helps them avoid having to hunt for necessary knowledge Quickly access key settings, best practices, policy information, and other knowledge without having to hunt through multiple systems, send emails, call colleagues, use instant messaging, or call a meeting. Virtual Channels create virtual workspaces to increase collaboration, assign work, plan agenda items for meetings, and more
4. ITinvolve provides a highly visual and intuitive view of upstream and downstream impacts from planned changes and their impact on all affected knowledge We provide a more complete view than traditional CMDB impact models based on the wealth and accuracy of the knowledge we capture. Perspectives identify all relevant stakeholders who should weigh in on a change. With ITinvolve, you will never miss a key stakeholder again and you will ensure all stakeholders are consulted before changes go to your CAB for formal approval
5. ITinvolve reduces the mean-time-to-restore-service (MTRS) by arming service desk personnel with more knowledge to solve issues on the first call, ensuring escalations are routed to the right team/resource the first time, and facilitating collaboration processes that help teams quickly crowd-source solutions to incidents and recurring problems We do this through the wealth and accuracy of the knowledge in ITinvolve, including valuable information such as key settings, best practices and lessons learned that are often poorly documented, not well shared, and often lost when good employees leave. We manage scenarios associated with incidents and problems in your service desk so teams can investigate objects that are impacted, the relationships to other objects, and those responsible for managing them in order to route tickets to the right team or individual the first time. All collaboration in ITinvolve takes place in the context of the issue being worked and can be managed through Virtual Channels to accurately assign and monitor actions, plan team meetings, and more. With ITinvolve, teams can collaborate across organizational boundaries to crowd-source ideas to resolve incidents and problems without the noise of other collaboration approaches and also capture new knowledge for re-use in the future

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