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Your business expects to be compliant at all times. However, your IT environment is highly complex and sometimes, despite the best intentions, changes are made that put you in an out of compliance situation.

Perhaps a system administrator made a configuration change to improve performance and it didn’t go through your standard change process. Perhaps a piece of unapproved software was installed on a server that also houses critical customer data. Perhaps a new application release was rolled out with an updated version of a middleware component that your security team hadn’t reviewed yet.

Whether these actions put you at risk of regulatory non-compliance or violation of your organization’s internal policies, configuration drift can happen in even the best run IT shops.

No other approaches provide this level of visibility and proactive action.

  • CMDBs don’t model compliance or policy relationships
  • Auto-discovery tools can identify many settings, but aren’t comprehensive and don’t have an understanding of compliance or policies
  • Automation tools can bring configuration settings back in line with what’s expected, but don’t handle unexpected software or unspecified settings

Laert Logic

“Having a solution that proactively engages the right experts and self-documents activities makes it easier and faster to get everyone onboard so we can make better-informed decisions.”

– Dave Colesante,
SVP Product Development & CTO
Instead of waiting for the next audit to find out about these issues, what if you could:

  • Flag compliance issues caused by drift proactively and work to remediate them before the audit?
  • Use this information to update your automations and avoid future occurrences?
  • Ensure your staff has full visibility into potential compliance and policy risks when making changes?

ITinvolve can help.

  1. We model the dependencies between your compliance regulations, internal policies, applications, automations, and infrastructure
  2. We flag configuration drift that puts you at risk of non-compliance and can raise incidents and tasks to remediate them
  3. We give IT teams proactive and comprehensive visibility into compliance and policy relationships when planning changes
  4. We provide the analysis and collaboration capabilities you need to assess risk and make changes without impacting your compliance posture

100% visibility into compliance
and policy relationships