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Today’s enterprise IT environments are complex.

Rarely can one individual fully understand everything it takes to deliver an application or business service end-to-end – from the application layer to the supporting infrastructure all the way down the stack, the policies and regulations that govern it, the tribal knowledge that has been built up around it – you get the picture.

And trends like cloud computing, agile development, and mobile access aren’t making things any simpler.

In Our Experience

Traditional attempts to provide enterprise IT visibility with CMDBs, auto-discovery, and other siloed management tools just aren’t cutting it. Many administrators have taken to building their own private spreadsheets and files, but this just creates more islands of information that inhibit complete enterprise IT visibility.

Falling back on emails, IMs, conference calls, and endless meetings isn’t working either because it hurts productivity or you’re never quite sure that everyone who had a piece of key information to contribute was included.

Architecture Design

A significant frustration for Enterprise Architects is the challenge of understanding current state environments.

  • How confident are you that you have accurate data about current configurations?
  • What if those configurations change, how do you find out about it?
  • Do you have visibility into policies and critical tribal knowledge such as key settings that will cause an application to break if modified?

These are some of the questions Enterprise Architects struggle with and ITinvolve helps you answer. We give you comprehensive visibility into current state information and provide the analysis and collaboration capabilities you need to assess risks and define the best design for your projects.


Automation has been a significant contributor to IT efficiency and reliability. Whether you’re using scripts, schedulers, or purpose-built automation tools, the ability to enforce standard configurations, move data where its needed, and execute manual tasks faster, automation is here to stay. But heavy use of automation brings its own challenges:

  • Do you have full visibility into all the automations running across your environment including what they do, when they run, and who wrote them?
  • Are you able to quickly modify automations with a full understanding of the likely upstream and downstream impacts of the changes you are making?
  • How do you ensure visibility into the settings that aren’t managed by automations or safely modify configurations and remove software that shouldn’t be running where you found it?

These are some of the challenges IT operations struggles with and ITinvolve helps you answer. We give you comprehensive visibility into all of your automations and provide the analysis and collaboration capabilities you need to assess risks and make changes without impacting your business.

Compliance and Policies

Have you ever had a project slowed down because of the need to do a compliance risk assessment? Have you ever had an audit flag out of band changes? Most likely you have, and most likely there was a good business reason for the assessment and the execution of that out of band change.

  • What if you could still satisfy those same business requirements while avoiding project delays and audit findings?
  • What if you had full visibility into the resources that are governed by regulations, policies, and standards (and not just a single degree view, but n-degrees)?
  • What if IT teams could collaborate using this information to reduce compliance risks and to make better informed decisions?

These are just a few examples of the compliance and policy benefits our customers realize every day. We give you proactive and comprehensive visibility into all of your compliance and policy relationships, and provide the analysis and collaboration capabilities you need to assess risks quickly and avoid audit findings.

Tribal Knowledge

If you’ve ever had a key employee leave and found yourself in a panic because you could replace their skillset but not the knowledge they had about your environment, then you know why capturing and sharing tribal knowledge is so critical. Because of the specialized knowledge it takes to run today’s complex IT environments, the ongoing accumulation of tribal knowledge is undeniable.

  • How effectively do you capture tribal knowledge today?
  • Do your teams complain about writing knowledge articles and out of date knowledge bases?
  • Do you hear statements like, “I don’t have time for this, just trust me. I’m the expert?”

Everyone in IT (if they’re any good) is an expert, but no one is an expert on everything. And it’s the intersections of what you know and what you don’t know that cause so many headaches and lost productivity in IT today.

ITinvolve solves these tribal knowledge problems. We make it easy to capture the knowledge you already have documented and organize it visually in one place. Then, we give IT teams familiar, easy-to-use social collaboration capabilities that capture tribal knowledge in real-time as they do their jobs every day.

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“We need to better understand relationships and dependencies between physical assets, and also be able to track the policies and knowledge that relate to those physical assets. We selected ITinvolve because it was the only company we found that has a unique, cloud-based solution to help us better manage our IT assets.”

– Melissa Kraft,
Systems Security Manager


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