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You want to ensure your applications perform in production like they did in QA.

You want to ensure your application releases go smoothly without any last minute hiccups caused by out of sync configurations between production and pre-production.

These are goals your organization has likely had for years, but the rate at which they are achieved still falls below expectations. Worse, it’s hard to predict when issues might happen and that puts everyone on edge during deployments.

In Our Experience

  • Production changes often happen daily and sometimes multiple times during the day, and communication of those changes to QA teams is often inconsistent or missed
  • With greater adoption of agile methodologies, configuration requirements in development can also change frequently, and how those changes get passed forward to QA and production teams is often left to chance with teams in the dark right up until the QA phase or deployment time
  • These challenges are exacerbated when applications and their supporting infrastructure cross organizational boundaries with third party service providers and cloud environments

Are you seeing the whole picture?

Other approaches to understanding drift fall short of providing the whole picture you need to effectively and quickly synchronize environments:

  • CMDBs are often out of date and contain incomplete configuration data
  • Automation tools provide siloed views of network, server, middleware, and database configurations
  • Both CMDBs and automation tools lack critical information about policies that may govern your configurations – especially critical when production requires policy adherence that QA environments don’t
  • Many configuration settings are manual and undocumented – if someone misses a meeting or an email thread, that specialized knowledge may go unknown until it’s too late

How ITinvolve can help

  1. We leverage your existing configuration data sources and help you easily capture tribal knowledge about configurations – so you have an accurate view of current state configurations for both production and pre-production environments
  2. We enable you to compare production and pre-production environments side by side, flag inconsistencies, and notify the right experts to take action if required
  3. We ensure information about changing requirements is communicated forward to QA and operations teams
  4. We ensure planned changes in production are proactively communicated to QA teams so they can be anticipated and factored into QA environment configurations


Full visibility into current state configurations
and dependency relationships