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The IT department is now the primary driver (or inhibitor) for how fast a business can respond to the market and drive new competitive advantages.

You may be using agile software development principles or other methodologies and have made progress in developing new application releases faster and exploiting innovative technologies, but can your IT operations team keep up? Does what you deliver still fall short of business expectations? Is it deployed later than the business usually wants? ITSM_Best-in-Class_grayscale-2014And does it frequently suffer from poor performance or reliability causing unplanned work to make things right? If so, you are not alone.

We have identified four DevOps problem areas. Addressing just one of them will improve your business agility. Tackling all four will create a transformational breakthrough for your business.

Requirements Collaboration and Validation – engage the right business, development and IT operations stakeholders to collaborate on and validate business, functional, and operational requirements

Figure 2 Social Object

Figure 3 Application Administrator Perspective - note label
Environment Synchronization – synchronize configurations and operational requirements across the promote to production landscape, and communicate production changes relevant to development and testing efforts during the project lifecycle
Release Collaboration and Deployment – continuously document what is learned at each stage of the development lifecycle as people do their jobs, and provide business and IT stakeholders with a shared perspective to assess risk, timing, and validate deployment plans

Figure 4 In-context Collab

Figure 5 Results Manager
Post-deployment Resolution and Collaboration – identify and appropriately escalate issues to development or operations with just-in-time, in-context knowledge for rapid diagnosis, while also capturing experience to quickly solve ongoing issues without pulling valuable resources off of new assignments
ITinvolve uniquely combines knowledge capture, analysis, and social collaboration in one solution and works with your existing application development and IT operations investments. It self-documents application development and IT operations collaborations reducing the burden on staff while facilitating new levels of engagement.

ITinvolve solves the #1 DevOps challenge – poor collaboration – and will help you:

  • Accelerate your business’ response to market opportunities and competitive threats
  • Align business requirements, IT projects, development teams, and IT operations personnel to enable continuous delivery of new application releases
  • Minimize operational and compliance risks from new application releases (including those that have legacy integration requirements)
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“ITinvolve helps us reduce errors and improve quality so we’re in a position to get to revenue quicker and more reliably.”

Dave Colesante,
SVP Product Development & CTO