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Change Management Use Case

You Get What it Does
Instant access to federated IT knowledge from across your enterprise When a change is being planned, the IT administrator is automatically provided reliable up-to-date detailed information about objects, policies, people, applications, business services, physical and virtual devices- and their relationships.
Automatic notification and sharing of relevant information among your IT team members in the context of a change Automatically delivers to all appropriate IT team members knowledge about potential impacts of a proposed change in order to perform a team based risk assessment during change management cycles.
Powerful visualization with role-based or personalized views of key relationships and dependencies when planning a change Provides the appropriate IT team members the ability to create and leverage individually relevant views or perspectives of the IT environment and change impact. Thus, the potential impact of a change can be seen from multiple angles, specifically relevant to the user.
Unique assessment of upstream and downstream impacts of changes before implementation Automatically identifies and delivers traditional hierarchical dependencies as well as the stakeholders, business services, policies and many other dependencies and relationships that can potentially be impacted by a proposed change.
Streamlined change review and approval process through Virtual CAB, with full knowledge capture Provides Change Advisory Board (CAB) members and stakeholders with a virtual CAB site, or vCAB. Comprehensive change information related to in-process changes are provided to team members virtually. Thus, time spent in traditional CAB meetings is substantially reduced, as the meeting becomes exception based.
Granular reports that measure and analyze performance and trending in the organization Measures the efficiencies and effectiveness of your change management process and identifies areas of concern around changes affecting security, compliance, and availability at any level- people, application, business service, device, policy, etc.
Instant online access anytime from anywhere Convenient, secure online cloud service is available through any web-enabled browser device

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