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What a Thriller!

Fusion12 was the Social IT event of the year thanks to ITinvolve!

It’s where we introduced the next generation in IT Service Management and Social IT generating a few thrills of our own with an innovative cloud service called ITinvolve for Service Management.

Relive the thrill of Fusion2012 by watching the Thriller dance video!  See if you can find yourself in the Expo Hall or wearing your ITinvolve glo necklace, glasses, or bunny ears at the party by looking through the photo gallery.
Then we invite you to take the next step toward realizing the benefits of Social IT:
whitepaper Future of IT Operations:
Learn about the 5 key principles that will define the future of IT operations.
survey Service Desk Comparative:
All service desks are not created equal, see why.
webinar Video:
Watch a short video of social ITSM in action
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