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Who’s working on what? Are we working on the right things? Do we have the information we need to get our work done accurately and efficiently? What’s the status of our projects and are we going to hit our next milestone?

These seem like simple and straightforward questions, but they are often very difficult for IT organizations to answer.

In Our Experience

Project managers live by spreadsheets and Gantt charts, but these are often disconnected from the day-to-day work that’s getting done. Housed on SharePoint sites and emailed around, these documents are infrequently accessed requiring project managers to track down team members to get updates on status and provide direction on upcoming tasks.

Development teams typically use their own set of tools to manage work, and operations teams frequently use spreadsheets and process tools for their area.

All this adds up to a lack of transparency about what everyone is working on and project execution inefficiencies that frequently lead to delayed projects and projects that don’t deliver against business and IT leadership expectations.

“ITinvolve represents a refreshing new approach that enables IT organizations to align their resources behind a unified mission and drive new levels of collaboration.”

— Kevin Behr
Co-author of the ground-breaking novel of IT transformation – The Phoenix Project
Chief Science Officer of Praxis Flow, Inc.

ITinvolve challenges this status quo with a single application that unifies cross-functional IT project work and drives new levels of efficiency

  • Align goals, initiatives and projects so team members have clarity on how their work ties back to business requirements and management can ensure teams are focused on the right things
  • Structure initiatives and projects with clear milestones, including managing phase gates and approvals
  • Map development projects to releases, iterations, and assign and track developer and QA tasks
  • Plan infrastructure projects with full visibility into IT environment dependencies and impact on policies
  • Proactively engage all relevant experts to provide their risk assessment for new application releases and infrastructure change work
  • Ensure transparency from the individual contributor to senior business and IT leadership – know the status of where you are in a project, who is working on the project and their specific tasks, whether you have resource constraints, if a release will support a specific requirement, and much more

MapGoals Requirements Projects Inititiave
Visually understand how Business Goals align with Requirements and Projects

MapGoals Requirements Projects Inititiave
Define and track Project Milestones and Phase Exits

Assign and track tasks at multiple levels of your project hierarchy

Native Gantt chart support ensures Tasks are tracked in real-time as work is done

MapGoals Requirements Projects Inititiave
Use Kanban boards to track work and identify constraints

ITinvolve makes it easy to import or federate existing project management data from leading project management tools, spreadsheets, and more. Native Gantt chart functionality is updated as tasks are assigned, status changes, and tasks are completed. We can even enable bi-directional integration to process these updates in third party project management tools.
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